Kawe Book Club Meeting (November): The Chibok Girls

Hey Kawe Fam!

Hope you had an amazing (Long) weekend? Over the weekend, we gathered to discuss our book for last month, THE CHIBOK GIRLS by HELON HABILA! It was such an amazing time as we discussed lots of issues.
According to Okezi, a member of Kawe Book Club;
“It felt a lot like newspaper stories but from a first person account. I liked how it presented the north. Themes like unity, religious tolerance and love were evident. And then the detour from a historical point of  towards violence and what has become of the cities- quite heartbreaking”
Segun Dada also mentioned that the references were amazing and kind of made up for the not so robust book. Quoting him;
I also like the fact that it was a quick read. Plus it demystifies the concept of ‘Chibok’. Again … I think writing the book was a good thing to do. According to the great Chinua Achebe, until the Lions have their own historians, the tales of hunting would be skewed in the Hunters Favour. From the references, you would discover most of the content are provided by foreign writers, journalists and authors…

Converations like these are some of the reasons we LOVE the KAWE BOOK CLUB! 

Photocredit: @themuseonwolfstreet – INSTAGRAM

Side Note: MAMA NIKE OKUNDAYE of NIKE ART GALLERY keeps doing wonders with art. We love how creatives transfer societal happenings into beautiful works of art – ranging from poetry to documentaries to bead works etc.
Sight THE CHIBOK GIRLS pallete she is working on! 
As you can see in the pictures below, we are already geared up and ready to begin our book for the month of DECEMBER!!!

AUTHENTIC MAMA!!! The name is already dragging us in!

Some of Us!

If you are in Lagos, Nigeria, feel free to join us. We meet every First Sundays of the month at Bogobiri, Ikoyi, Lagos Island, Nigeria.

Time: 4pm.

Have an amazing week!!!

P/S – What are you currently reading? Feel free to share Book Recommedations! 

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