How Well Do You Know Your Parents? – Discussing In Dependence 

my parents never sat us down in the evenings to share stories of their younger days. one was always
working. the other too tired. perhaps being an immigrant does that to you.

the cold terrain of the north engulfed them. their bodies were hard at work paying in blood and sweat

for their citizenship. perhaps the weight of the new world was too much. and the pain and sorrow of

the old was better left buried.

i do wish i had unburied it though. i wish i’d pried their silence apart like a closed envelope. i wish

i’d found a small opening at its very edge. pushed a finger inside and gently torn it open. they had an

entire life before me which i am a stranger to. it would be my greatest regret to see them leave this

place before i even got to know them.

This wonderful poem by RUPI KAUR reminds us of two characters in IN DEPENDENCE – Vanessa and her mother. 
We felt like more should have been said about her mother and her romance with Danjuma – her Hausa lover. 

When Vanessa found out about the relationship much later, she wished she talked to her mother more about stuff – like love, life, romance and her childhood.
How many of us talk to our parents? How many of us ask them questions about the life they lived before us? We should engage our parents. Let us travel into their past through their stories. 


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