Kawe Book Club Meeting (February) : In Dependence  

First Sundays of every month are always awesome as KAWERIANS come together in unity to discuss books amidst loads of food and drinks. 
Sunday was LITT!!! We found ourselves talking about really interesting topics and discussing the exciting themes in IN DEPENDENCE.

We asked a lot of questions at the meeting. One of them being : What Irrational thing have you done for love? Have you defied your parents laws? Married or fallen in love with someone from a different tribe as you? 

We heard some giddy things! 

It was awesome to hear our very interesting radical and rational love stories as well as the recurrent issue of racism, shadism and classism in societies.

Shadism = Discrimination based on skin color, also known as colorism or shadeism, is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which people are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color.

Someone said the most irrational act for love was done by her friend. Her friend who REALLY LOVED MAKEUP dropped everything concerning makeup for her lover; turns out that they are married and living happily. 

Another told the story of a Christian fanatic friend who was in Love with a Muslim man! 
A lady told the story of a girl who got dumped by her boyfriend after she had helped him financially.
Others talked about all the years wasted in a relationship they knew was futile from the beginning but could not bring themselves to let go. 

After all was said and done we obliged everyone to stay respectful and humble to people’s opinions, ideas and personalities and we left it at staying logically in love if you can.
P/S: You dont gave to be Yoruba to be a Yoruba demon.

Trust US, in this crazy city of LAGOS, it is a BIG BLESSING to belong to a group of young intelligent and purposeful individuals who LOVE TO READ and can have relaxing happy and learning moments everytime they meet. 
We love the Kàwé family, dontchya!!!!

Meeting Time : 4pm. First Sundays of the month. Bogobiri, Ikoyi, Lagos. 


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