How To Be A Nigerian : The Nigerian Social Media Army. 

In the month of October 2017,  we read HOW TO BE A NIGERIAN by PETER ENAHORO. We loved the humour and we decided to expand the stories by starting our own HOW TO BE A NIGERIAN SERIES – THE KAWE VERSION.  


How to be a Nigerian Continued – The Nigerian Social Media Army by Adesegun Adetoro

Since Nigerians found the internet – especially facebook and twitter, we have realized that there are replicas of us all over the nation and beyond our borders. The Nigerian youth does not have to travel out of his/her individual state to realize camaraderie – ‘friends’ abound with the click of our phones. 

This global connectedness has also birthed a phenomenon I call the Nigerian nuisance on social media. You see, Nigeria is a nation of diverse people with different tongues and tastes but there’s one thing that connects us – our general loudness. This always results in differences in opinions, lengthy quarrels and savage attacks on one another, with clap-backs for days. 

We are quick to jump to conclusions, and have taken our grumbling to the global stage and while it is commonplace to get into arguments with each other, state ‘facts’ without basis, and perpetuate the various stereotypes ingrained in us through our communication; it would pay a non-Nigerian well to avoid being a mediator in matters among Nigerians. Just! Do! Not! Do! It!

We are boisterous, we are numerous and we show no mercy! 

Imagine the Kenyan who thinks his country has anything over Nigeria and dares to state it on Twitter, or the Ghanaian who thinks their Jollof is superior, or that Nigerians would stoop so low as to be influenced by anything originating from their country. The weight of Nigeria’s social media army shall surely descend on them. Forget that there is usually some truth to what they say, we Nigerians are having none of it.

The saying goes, if you want to be unfortunate on social media, attack Nigeria as a non-Nigerian. Just try it. 

And please note. You don’t have to be from another African nation to fall victim of the Nigerian social media army. Be American, Be European, or even a Nigerian in diaspora on the wrong side of Nigerian-ness. You have the chance of being annihilated. Ask Jidenna

Adesegun Adetoro is a Tax Consultant, Reader, Writer and all round Fun Lover. He is enthusiastic about God’s love, Film, His Profession, TV, Books, Worship Music and Entertainment in all forms but pays particular attention to writing about movies especially Nigerian Cinema – which he has written about for the past 5 years. He puts on the hat of a Chartered Accountant with one of the Big Four Accounting Firms in Nigeria during the day, and at night dons his cape as The MoviePencil. You can read more of his write-ups on his blog or follow him on Instagram or Twitter @adesegunadetoro or his official blog handle on twitter @moviepencil.

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